Literature Review

Literature Review First Draft


When I issued the literature review assignment, I was a little concerned about how it was going to go. I did not know anyone in this class, and it would be my first college experience where I would be doing a group project like this. However, I discovered that we had a lot in common, which made deciding on a topic together much easier. We all agreed on the abortion ban in the United States as a topic. My group members were Batya Kimyagarov who worked on the introduction and the sections on infants and gender. And Leyla Souley worked on the conclusion and the sections on hospitals and healthcare workers and Patient doctor relationship. While I worked on the abstract and the sections on race and class. With us working various parts we really had to work together in making sure our essay carried the same voice. Which allowed me to accomplish the course learning objective one because we worked on the linguistics of the essay sounding similar. And learning objective four, because we worked together on it to make and perfect the literary review.

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